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Who Can Be A Next Level Student?

The simple answer to this question is: all students of English of every nationality, age and learning style, who are at least at a beginner level of proficiency. Let’s run through a few profiles:

The study abroad student — is ambitious and hungry, but at the same time is massively apprehensive of the IELTS exam and the challenge of moving to a new country. The anxiety surrounding this constantly eats away at their confidence. Hitting the books occupies a large proportion of their day, for many days on end, while the worry only worsens.

Part of the problem is that the one thing this student is missing is the one thing that is most important: opportunities to actually speak English. The truth is, most students fail the IELTS because their speaking lets them down.

Next Level solves this problem.

The study at home student — Any number of people study English with no intention of moving abroad. The College English Test, the Gaokao, the Junkao and a myriad of other requirements mean many students must improve their English beyond what they have learnt in school. Plus, parents want the best for their kids and that includes being genuinely proficient in English and having a level of international cultural literacy whether they go abroad or not. As such, coaching is needed, even more so if a child doesn’t possess an easy aptitude for language in the first place.

The student learning for fun — Learning can entertain and enrich us as much as it expands the mind and allows us to grow as a person. Many people are autodidacts - they direct their own learning and love learning for its own sake. The casual nature of Next Level makes it ideal for this type of flexible and relaxed learner who is into self development.

The student learning for work — English opens doors to the world. This means people fluent in the language can dramatically increase their salary and career choices. In any system, the participant with the most choices available to them, usually gets the best outcomes. In other words, success is not so much about talent or strength, but adaptability. Learning English is therefore not just an academic pursuit, but a practical tool for doubling your income.

The part-time student — Many users have full time jobs and families to take care of, yet they love learning English as a side hustle or as a hobby as it’s therapeutic, interesting and fun. Juggling hobbies and pursuits is part of a healthy and positive life and Next Level’s 40-minute sessions with an informal teacher make learning accessible after a long day or when you only have a small window for recreation, learning and self development.

The full-time student — College students gain higher grades through having a personal tutor because the relationship is simple, uplifting and provides the practice they need to ace their English assignments. Remember, getting good at speaking is the best way to pull up all the other language skills such as reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and listening. If you’re a university student, Next Level gives you the edge.

The young student — Children are like sponges when it comes to language and they don’t care about making mistakes — a trait that is highly conducive to progress. However, the English they learn at school often falls short of the high standards we want for them. Given this, there’s no better way to supplement young learners development than through having teachers who are role models they can both admire and identify with.

The mature student — The older we get the more we gain a deeper understanding of life and the world around us. Older students are likewise more sophisticated and emotionally intelligent. That means that education is rarely wasted on the mature student. They may take longer to achieve mastery, but they value the process. Next Level’s equitable atmosphere provides the perfect space for more motivated older students to learn at their own pace and at their direction.

The student seeking new horizons — Next Level opens the minds and raises the bar for students. In fact, it’s the next best thing to actual travel to foreign countries, as when we interact with people from other cultures we question our own assumptions and are introduced to new and profound ideas. We also learn more about ourselves through intercultural interaction and we become more effective participants in the world.

The student seeking new markets — Through learning English, businesspeople can expand their scope and venture into new territories that were previously beyond their reach. Entrepreneurs and senior managers can take their business to the next level, to the global level, through improving their skills in the international language of business. With Next Level you have the network you need.

The curious student — Psychologists have long observed that play is absolutely vital for the brain to fully grow. Likewise any kind of learning, especially language learning, helps to stave off dementia and promote a long, productive and successful life. For students who simply want to be exposed to a wider range of experiences and a bigger circle of peers, Next Level is perfect as our teachers are picked for their personalities.

The serious student — Although we provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere for our students, what we really care about at our core is the student who really needs to improve their English in the most efficient way possible.

If you are serious about learning English and passing the IELTS, there is no substitute for us. We give you long-term teachers who are free when you are. This is what most English learners don’t get, and this why most learners struggle with English. Ultimately it is through being serious about speaking that you are able to master English.

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