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About Us

The Next Level ‘Secret Recipe’

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We have a long and successful record as trusted leaders in the UK tutoring industry. More than anything, we care about you achieving progress in English, achieving success in your career, and becoming the best you can be. We provide the platform for this through our tailored English programmes and our highly trained tutors.

We mix technology with qualified, experienced teachers to deliver the best learning program for you.

We focus on exactly what you need and we back it up with repetition through practice!

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How We Teach

Our tutors are trained to put the student first

You are guided and set activities so you spend most of your time speaking. This means you are active, not passive, and this means you make far more progress than students in traditional schools.

Frequency is the Key

We make sure our learners take a minimum of 1 hour each week. If a student is not learning every week then they are really not going to make progress in English.


In this way, we guarantee that you will rise to the next level quickly.

Quality Control

   We record all of our classes so we can assess the performance of our teachers.

Our Classes Are Student Centred!

Quality Content

This is the mistake most training schools make: they teach English as a knowledge subject just like chemistry or history. What makes Next Level different is that we teach English as a skill. In other words, you learn English in the same way you would learn music or drama… This means we focus on speaking first.

That being said, we do not forgo knowledge. It is an important quality that should not be overlooked. As such, we host seminars that give insights into subjects like psychology and communication in business to equip you with practical knowledge you need to perform at your best and rise ahead of the pack.

Language learning is a skill, not a knowledge.

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